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Data Analyst

We are seeking for qualified Nepalese candidates for Data Analyst Expert in Japan. Are you the one?

Deadline : 31-01-2024

Location: Koto City,Tokyo

Salary:Salary ranging from 35 lakhs JPY per year.

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AI Developer

We are seeking for qualified Nepalese candidates for AI Engineer Expert in Japan. Are you the one?

Deadline : 31-01-2024

Location: Shinjuku City, Tokyo

Salary:Starting at 35 lakhs JPY per year.

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Software Engineer (Developer)

We are hiring competent Nepalese Software Developer. Are you the one?

Deadline : 31-01-2024

Location: Shinjuku City, Tokyo

Salary:Annual salary ranging from 35 lakhs JPY

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Autocad Webinar - June 4
Data Scientist & Software Developer Webinar - June 25

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Why S&K Holdings ?

What makes us great - and different - is how and why we do what we do. ?

We are challenging the recruitment industry’s reputation for bad practices and poor service. And are dedicated to exemplifying S&K Holdings as a company that genuinely looks after its staff. At S&K Holdings, we desire to attain one simple goal to make people happy in their jobs. Their happiness motivates us to do more and better the next day.

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Looking For a Job ?

We have a broad network of connections with Japanese companies, and we can help you locate a range of intriguing employment opportunities (currently related to IT and Nursing). We have experts and suggestions to assist you in finding the right job for you.

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Our Expertise

We are experts in bridging the gap between employers and job seekers to ensure the right person is at the right job. Since every job and job seeker is distinct, we at S&K Holdings strive each day to match people with jobs and jobs with people.

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SandK Holdings' team is not just very kind, but also very good at what they do! They are really responsive and offer timely updates, allowing us continuous contact throughout the process. They assisted me in discovering an intriguing new job, keeping me interested throughout a lengthy interview process, and negotiating a better-than-expected deal upon acceptance. I would strongly advise anyone interested in new IT prospects to contact S&K Holdings!

Mrs. Uttami Rai

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We take pride in being distinct and in being a recruiting agency that actually cares about its employees and their future. Do you want to join S&K Holdings to excel in your career?

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We have a number of vacancies in a range of fields that might interest you. If you're considering one, we suggest you check out our job listings. 

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Our Blogs

Current trends and highly sought-after skills in Japan’s job market

21 Jun, 2023

As Japan continues its modernization process, there is an increasing demand for specialized talents and professions.

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The Importance of Soft Skills in Japanese Business Culture

05 Jun, 2023

The importance of soft skills is woven deeply into the fabric of career advancement in the complex tapestry of Japanese business culture.

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6 practical tips to find a job in another state in Japan

25 May, 2023

Moving to a different state might bring exciting prospects, but finding a new career can be difficult. It may be challenging to find work soon after moving to a new state. However, if you intend to move to another state, it's critical to have the correct techniques and attitude to boost your chances of getting a job that matches your expectations. In this blog, we have discussed 6 practical tips that might help you obtain job opportunities in another Japanese state.

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