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General Informations

What industry or sector are you recruiting for?

We currently serve a range of sectors and businesses across Japan, including IT and nursing, but we intend to expand our coverage in the near future. Our mission is to fill the gap between organization and the top applicants that are a good fit for the job.

Where are you located?

Our main branch office is in Samakhushi-26 Kathmandu, Nepal, while our head office is in Ojima Nakamura Bldg. 2F, Ojima 4-3-12, Koto, Tokyo, Japan.

More Informations

Is it necessary for me to be able to communicate in Japanese in order to get work?

Most jobs on our site do not require you to know Japanese, but it does open up a lot of possibilities (especially high-paying jobs). Since most foreigners in Japan speak enough Japanese to get around but not enough to work primarily in Japanese, speaking Japanese is the best way to establish a market and earn good money. Tasks with a higher chance of progressing and advancing

How to apply for jobs?

To apply for a job, you must first register and create a job seeker account by providing all the necessary details and documents in the Personal Information section, then just click the apply button for the position you prefer in our job section.

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